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Wedding Wish Tree

Many brides these days are going back to the tradition of a Wish Tree instead of the usual sign in book at their reception. The wish tree is a actually a Dutch wedding custom. It is used to shower the newly weds with the guests’ wishes and blessings. Traditionally, guests would write their wishes on a piece of paper and hand it over to the couple. The couple would read the wish and then hang them on the tree.

While we like the original idea of the wish tree we have put our own twist on if for the wedding ceremony. If you are planning to get married under a traditional huppa or arbor of some kind consider this: when mailing your initiations include a ribbon along with the RSVP cards. Ask your guests to write a wish for your marriage on this ribbon and send it back along with the card. Take the wishes that have been returned and tie them in a decorative manner along your arbor/huppa on your wedding day. Make sure to mix in a few blank ribbons to create a fuller effect. This way, when you are standing under your huppa to be married you will also be standing under the wishes of your family and loved ones.

Top 10 Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding

By Jennifer Baumann

You and the one you love are dreaming of an enchanted getaway, to do nothing less than tie the knot. Why should anyone want to go away, you say? Check out these reasons for taking a sandy route to the altar with a destination wedding.

  1. Nearly stress-free planning!

Getting married is quite a big step, so we don’t ever want to say any wedding is completely and totally stress free. But, not having to worry about the seating chart, or who’s going to be the best man could take a lot of worry out of your Big Day.

  1. Slim to none chance of inter-family fights

Especially if you invite them along. It’s vacation time for everyone!

  1. It’s usually cheaper

There are all-inclusive packages that feature both your wedding and the honeymoon for $4,000 or $5,000, which is darn cheap compared to the average of $20,000 + for a traditional wedding and sit-down dinner reception.

  1. Control!

An amazing relief if you’ve ever been part of a traditional wedding with two families involved. All the factors are completely and totally within your hands.

  1. Second wedding heaven

Especially if you’ve already been there, done that with a big wedding, second weddings are perfect for the relaxing getaway to a beautiful locale. Don’t forget to ask about activities for the kids!

  1. Your honeymoon begins immediately after the ceremony

Now, that’s not bad.

  1. Pack light

You can choose your wedding clothes once you arrive in your exotic location! Think snowsuits, island gowns, saris, and of course, shorts.

  1. Parental bliss

If they’re coming, you will get to hear them say over and over, “we’ve been wanting to take a vacation!”

  1. Use your imagination

You can eat before the ceremony, or after. You could have a cake, or not. You could jump in the ocean, or stay on the sand. Endless opportunities.

  1. Fun for those who attend

Think of what you’re doing for them! A cruise, a ski vacation, or a weekend on the beach – who wouldn’t enjoy themselves?


Jennifer Baumann is editor of Wedding Gazette, the resource for real-world wedding planning that’s packed with info on how to plan your budget, how to avoid killing certain family members, exhaustive theme ideas, plus tons of resources on finding favors, necessary accessories, gifts for your groomsmen, and much more.

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9 Must Know Fitness Tips for your Wedding Day

This is an entry featured on A guest blogger on their site called Doug Rice gives some pertinent advice on how to achieve your fitness goals in time for your wedding day. Doug is the founder of the Bridal Body club and these are his tips:


You just tried on dresses and you noticed you weren’t quite as tight, toned and slim as you had always imagined when you checked your gown out in the mirror. In fact, you were a bit horrified at the thought of having about a gazillion pictures taken with that arm flab flapping around. It’s your wedding after all. You want to be confident. You want to be breathtaking. You want to be that princess that you have always imagined in your dreams. After working with literally thousands of brides prepare for the big day, here are my top 9 Tips for you to know if you want your vision to become a reality.

1. FROM THIS DAY FORWARD The sooner you begin the better you will look by your big day. To really achieve that “wow” factor, start at least six to nine months prior to the wedding, and even sooner if you have an aggressive weight loss goal.

2. BRIDAL TRIFECTA Most wedding gowns reveal what I have nicknamed the “Bridal Trifecta,” i.e., arms, back, and shoulders. Some dresses are also form-fitting around the bum and hips.You might have chosen one that has a low cut back, or even shows your calves. You will want to make sure you emphasize these areas when choosing what exercises to focus upon the most.

3. TAKE THE COMBO With all the wedding planning, events, and activities going on in your life during this special time, you’ll want to make the most out of your exercise time. Structure your workouts to include mostly combination movements that use multiple muscle groups during each exercise. An example would be a squat with an arm curl and a press up.

4. SIGN YOUR FITUBAH: What the heck is a Fitubah? A “Fitubah” is what I have named the contract that a bride uses to commit her fitness goals in writing — your “personal fitness vows,” if you will. It will hold you accountable to your goals. I have a sample Fitubah at the end of these tips, or download one at

5. GRAB A BRIDAL BODY BUDDY: Research has shown that social support is a vital component to success toward a fitness or weight loss goal. Recruit your maid of honor, sister, good friend, or co-worker to join you in your “sweating for the wedding” workouts. You can support each other and it makes the experience more fun.

6. WEDDING VENDOR PRIORITY: There will always be days when you are tired or simply feeling “unmotivated.” Be determined to not let a situation like this stop you. Those days can be the difference makers over the long haul as you get closer to your goals. Just like the appointments that you dare not miss with your wedding vendors, consider your appointments on your workout schedule to be just as important. Write out a structured workout schedule, and make it happen!

7. PLAN TO CHEAT: Cheating is part of a successful eating plan, but you have to be smart about it. If you eat a meal or a snack at total of five times a day, that means that in a seven day period you are eating 35 times. Use the 10% cheat rule. In other words, 1 of every 10 times you eat or snack, cheat a little. That will give you about 3-4 cheats per week. Warning: A “cheat” shouldn’t include an entire 14” double cheese pepperoni from Dominos or an entire half gallon of Ben & Jerry’s. Have fun, but don’t go overboard.

8. KILL THE CARDIO ROUTINE: Traditional “steady state” cardio is so yesterday. Intervals are where it’s at. Instead of spending an hour on the elliptical or the stair stepper, try running 30-90 second sprints either on the treadmill or outdoors. Rest for about two minutes and repeat. Do this about 6-10 times and you’ll burn way more calories.

9. THE BOUQUET IS THE WAY: Throughout your fitness journey to your big day, your hard work will result in family, friends, co-workers giving you compliments. When you hear one of these wonderful compliments directed toward you, or as I call them “bouquets” thrown your way. Scribble each one down on some scratch paper and place them in a designated container, box, or jar that I call your “Bridal Bouquet Box.” When you are feeling unmotivated or discouraged, pull out your box and read the inspiring comments. It will pick your spirits up and help you refocus your mindset.

About the author

Doug Rice is a nationally certified fitness trainer who founded Bridalicious Boot Camp in Beverly Hills, Calif., in 2005. The Bridalicious Boot Camp program seeks to help future brides look and feel their best on their big day.