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The Guide for Getting Married in Ticino 


See if our beautiful region is right for you!


Your big day is coming up! And we couldn’t be happier that you are considering our beautiful corner of the world to celebrate this most special occasion.

Doubtless you have a million things going through your mind right now: How wonderful and stunning everything will be, but also the daunting task of bringing it all together.

After all, a group of loved ones are flying out to celebrate the most important day of your life in a new country, and it needs to be flawless. No pressure at all, right?

That is why we created This Guide. We should specify, however, that knowing about all the locations is one thing, but actually coordinating everything and making sure you get the optimal services smoothly while you’re celebrating the biggest day of your life, is a completely different thing. It is a huge job, which is why we are here.

We hope this guide will help you in making your choices, and we are always happy to help you in making those choices a reality.

It is also non-biased (none of the locations/providers paid us anything to be featured in this guide!). 

So feel free to check it out, and see if the Italian part of Switzerland is right for you!

We envisioned this to be printed out, so we left space for your notes next to each venue. That way you can keep tabs as to what you are looking for.

Remember, this is only the first step.

If you want a comprehensive roadmap for your dream celebration, and to be taken along, step-by-step, with a bilingual wedding planner who is native to this canton, contact us at, and we will be happy to take care of all the details for you!

So, enjoy! And Congratulations once more!

What else would you like to do?

We will be happy to handle all your Wedding needs and beyond! From a beautiful location overlooking the lake, to a wine tasting, chocolate tasting, boat trips, hiking, golfing, falconry, helicopter flights, balloon rides, bungee jumping (where James Bond bungee jumped!), to visiting Swissminiatur and even renting out a whole village!

Just use our Contact page to get in touch!

Tips & Tidbits


Ticino, which is basically South of the Alps, differs from the rest of Switzerland for two basic reasons: The official language is Italian, and it is sunny 300 days out of the year. Most people like to come during the summer, since the weather is perfect, but the fact is, the weather tends to be pretty good all year round. It can get cold (and sometimes even snow) for a spell during winter, and the rainy season tends to be in April. The rest of the year is usually still quite good, although the summertime is still when you are almost guaranteed great weather.


Everyone in Ticino, including Lugano, speaks Italian. However, tourist facilities will tend to speak English, and often German. If your event is in the Locarno/Ascona region, then German is more or less ubiquitous in tourist destinations.

Having said that, many government offices and agencies may require documentation in Italian (or French or German). We would be happy to help you with any translation needs you may have, so feel free to email us at to let us know.

Planning a Honeymoon?

Ticino is the perfect starting point for any honeymoon you may be planning in the region, being in the center of Europe and conveniently close to both the Milan and Zurich airports. You can feel free to let us know about your travel plans and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can!


The currency in Ticino is the Swiss Franc, although Euros are accepted in most tourist destinations. The plugs are European style (220 volts).

Want to take some extra pictures?

If you’re in downtown Lugano, head to Parco Ciani, which is along the lake, for some beautiful views along the lake and the surrounding flower garden.