Wedding Wish Tree

Many brides these days are going back to the tradition of a Wish Tree instead of the usual sign in book at their reception. The wish tree is a actually a Dutch wedding custom. It is used to shower the newly weds with the guests’ wishes and blessings. Traditionally, guests would write their wishes on a piece of paper and hand it over to the couple. The couple would read the wish and then hang them on the tree.

While we like the original idea of the wish tree we have put our own twist on if for the wedding ceremony. If you are planning to get married under a traditional huppa or arbor of some kind consider this: when mailing your initiations include a ribbon along with the RSVP cards. Ask your guests to write a wish for your marriage on this ribbon and send it back along with the card. Take the wishes that have been returned and tie them in a decorative manner along your arbor/huppa on your wedding day. Make sure to mix in a few blank ribbons to create a fuller effect. This way, when you are standing under your huppa to be married you will also be standing under the wishes of your family and loved ones.

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