Hotels in Ticino

Ticino is, par excellence, a Swiss canton that focuses on tourism, so the choice of where to stay for your wedding and where to offer a room for your guests may seem easy, but many factors enter into play when hosting your event, so it is a good idea to contact a wedding organizer like Lugano Wedding in order to get the best advice.

If you do not intend on offering the hotel rooms for your guests yourself, we will be happy to offer, as part of our package, a selection of hotels that you can share with them, showing the distance to your chosen wedding location in terms of minutes by foot or in car, and displaying the category of hotel.

In addition to the beautiful surrounding scenery, you will find welcoming, clean rooms coupled with a kind and discrete service.

In some cases, our hotels, even the most famous of them, may be judged to be “old style”, but in this case, we would like to point out that some structures were built years ago, although their interiors are usually all refurbished. So, while at first some structures may seem old because they lack the minimalist lines that are so fashionable today, they are actually well-maintained hotels, updated with the latest technology and which will welcome you with a smile.


Let yourself be surprised by the Swiss tradition of excellent hospitality and allow yourself to discover corners of paradise in every structure, as well as a local staff that is ready to recommend the best typical restaurants.


We are ready to welcome you to Ticino for a wonderful wedding!


With All Our Best Wishes,


Lugano Wedding


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